Product Description

Bottega Veneta是在義大利北部的維琴察於1966年設立的時尚品牌,以包包為中心,傳統的手藝為根基的皮革製品而聞名,品牌名稱是威尼斯的工房的意思。他們製作的眼鏡、太陽眼鏡有著遵循古典形式製作的特徵,有著皮革編織的形象、帶有現代和優雅感的鏡框。眼鏡附的皮套也是很有人氣的原因之一,除了作為眼鏡套外期時尚感讓他也十分具有收藏價值。⋯⋯

Brand introduction
Bottega Veneta, a fashion brand founded in 1966 in Vicenza in northern Italy. It is known for leather products rooted in traditional craftsmanship, with bags and bags as the center, and the brand name means Venezia studio. Glasses and sunglasses are characterized by classical making that follows the traditional form. By refining the essence coming from our own sense, such as a pattern that imaged knitted leather there, we reinterpret newly, finishing in a modern and elegant luxury frame. A case of leather accompanying comes with it as a contributor to popularity, and it is a collection with high value as a fashion item other than the original purpose.